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Principal celebrates Black Moon Trio's mission of collaboratively affecting positive change in communities through chamber music. 

When the Chicago-based chamber ensemble Black Moon Trio was formed in 2022, the group vowed to ally with underrepresented artists and champion their works. Staying true to their mission, Black Moon Trio’s first two seasons brought collaborations with cultural, educational, and community organizations to design and premiere five unique concert programs that prominently featured the music of living composers.

These five composers featured on Principal have revamped the sonic identity of the horn, violin, and piano trio in their own voices, beyond the Romantic flavor with which most audiences are familiar. Expertly realized in cover art by artist Natashna Anderson, this debut album is a weaving of Black Moon Trio's collaborations into a beautiful tapestry of sound. 

Black Moon Trio is tremendously proud of this collection of music and the connections they continue to foster with these phenomenal composers. It is their hope that audiences enjoy this rich and dynamic classical music experience beyond the conventional canon.


60 minutes

Marc Mellits: Black Moon (2024)

  1. New Moon

  2. Selene & Cynthia

  3. Blue Moon

  4. Eos

  5. Supermoon

  6. Dark Moon

  7. Red Moon

Natalia Camargo Duarte: With Eyelids Shut (2023)

José Elizondo: Estampas Mexicanas (1995, arr. 2024)

  1. Ferial

  2. Danza del Pájaro Sagrado

  3. Teotlalli


Miguel del Aguila: Barroqueada (2020, arr. 2022)

  1. Preludio en Candombe

  2. Pavana

  3. Milonga

  4. Samba Corrente

  5. Pasapié

  6. Sarabanda Rota

  7. Tango Intermezzo

  8. Jiga Frenética


Griffin Candey: Pale In Your Shadow (2022, rev. 2023)

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