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The history of music is nearly as long and complicated as the history of humanity itself but in this 50-minute, interactive workshop, Black Moon Trio navigates through the major periods of classical music including Prehistoric, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Folk, Jazz, and Contemporary. Throughout the journey, audiences will explore a variety of instruments both ancient and modern, listen to a diverse roster of composers, investigate the historical context of compositions, and distinguish the characteristics of works from different eras. By surveying music both recognizable and unfamiliar, Black Moon Trio aims to leave listeners with a springboard for enriching their musical palate and an understanding that the timeline of music’s history is anything but linear. 


50 minutes

Epitaph of Seikilos

Antonin Vivaldi: Spring from the Four Seasons

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Quintet for Horn and Strings, K. 407 

III. Rondo

Johannes Brahms: Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano, Op. 40

I. Andante

Vivian Li: White Moose Crossing

I. Mississippi Waltz

Nat Adderley: Never Say Yes

Paul Schoenfeld: Café Music

I. Allegro


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