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Black Moon Trio collaborates with New York Times Best-Selling author and Chicago-native, Michael Tyler to develop an experience for audiences to actively address subjects of wellness and community through music, poetry, and nature. Guided by Tyler’s Sow the Seeds: A Composition in Verse, this program features musical works inspired by local green spaces and encourages audience members to converse and reflect on the ways they treat themselves and their neighbors. Each poem plows the surface of daily living, to plant and nurture the meditations that yield our understanding of life.

Also functioning as a journaling and community building workshop, Sow the Seeds offers ample opportunities to serve Veteran audiences at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Healthcare Center in Water(color) for the Soul residency to promote art and nature as pathways to physical recovery and mental health care. During a 4-week residency program, Veterans will use the themes of wellness and healing through nature to compose original pieces of music using graphic musical notation from art supplies from Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods’ Art Supply Exchange (BASE) and subsequently performed by Black Moon Trio musicians. These pieces of music, that at first glance appear to be pieces of abstract art, will be displayed at Brushwood Center accompanied by QR codes that will link to recordings of the works made by Black Moon and allow the general public to listen to the pieces as they were intended to be heard by the Veteran composers who wrote them.


75 minutes

Griffin Candey: Pale in Your Shadow

    commissioned and premiered by Black Moon Trio

Richard Bissell: Horn Trio

Natalia Camargo Duarte: With Eyelids Shut

    commissioned and premiered by Black Moon Trio

Michael Tyler/Black Moon Trio: Crazy 15

Carson Cooman: Horn Trio

I. Windsong

II. Interlude I. Forest Bells

VI. Small Bear, Large Telescope


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