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Black Moon Trio collaborates with author Candace Fleming; illustrator, Eric Rohmann; and Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods to develop an experience for young audiences to teach about one of the migratory species found in the Lake County and Chicagoland area through music, storytelling, and nature. Guided by Fleming and Rohmann’s 2020 book, Honeybee, this program features music by a sampling of well-known Classical composers. Each section of the book is highlighted by a complimentary musical work as children and adults learn the busy life of Apis mellifera and their importance to our local ecosystems.

Honeybee also contains vocabulary and supplementary scientific learning goals that will be expanded into interactive moments for youth and adults to workshop with Brushwood and Black Moon staff in conjunction with the performance.


30 minutes (50 minutes including activities)

Eric Ewazen: cast a shadow again

III. Two Bees


David Riniker: Velvet Valves

I. Melodia (Pytor Illych Tchaikovsky)

III. Humoreske (Antonín Dvořák)

V. Claire de lune (Claude Debussy)

VI. L'abeille (François Schubert)


Charles Koechlin: Quatre petites pièces, Op. 32

II. Très modéré

III. Allegretto quasi Andantino

IV. Scherzando


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