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With Eyelids Shut by Natalia Camargo Duarte

Commissioned by Black Moon Trio

World Premiere Performance - June 4, 2023

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

As it opens, the music paints the atmosphere of a blowing harmonic breeze and its stimulus. The violin tremolo and muted horn achieve a smooth, bright and airy sound, introducing the main melodic materials. Intensity increases in the violin, and the constant interactions between the instruments lead us to a more dynamic and passionate section in which we can hear the influence of different jazz styles and rhythms.


After a small build up of energy, time slows down abruptly. The horn and violin dance together tenderly accompanied by colorful bright chords as if we are remembering the beginning.


As both instruments begin to fade out, the piano introduces a characteristic walking base that steadily builds in tempo and intensity through thick textures and agitated rhythms. There is independence, but also some interplay between the instruments.


As we approach the end, the instruments furiously build tension through the reiteration of dissonant melodies and clustered chords to a disruptive saturation of sound, followed immediately by small soloistic highlights on each instrument. The piece concludes with an upbeat and intense return to the main theme.


With Eyelids Shut was commissioned by Black Moon Trio in collaboration with New York Times Best-Selling Author Michael Tyler. I was inspired by the cadence of the poem and its vivid descriptive qualities. I hope the audience can dive into the music and relate to the poem's descriptions through their own experiences, evoking a powerful journey.

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